Doulos Ministry



Have you been praying to God on how He can use your talents, trade and spiritual gifts? In Mark 10:15, the Word of God tells us: “For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve and give His life a ransom for many.” John 15:13 also tells us: “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down His life for his friends.”

  • Ministry Statement


(Greek word for servant)

Mission Statement

As we represent our God in His Son’s love and in His power of the Holy Spirit, we will share the Living Word as we cheerfully serve the community, the body of (LWCF) and each other. The safety of all is vital. In every task we carry out we must first pray, meditate, and as we listen carefully, rest at the Lord’s feet.


Setting up and tearing down LWCF sponsored events (e.g. Men’s/Women’s Breakfasts and Conferences, Wednesday Night Summer Fellowships, 4th of July Firework Booths, Park Picnics, Pirate’s Cove Baptisms, Living Way Harvest Events, Thanksgiving and Christmas events, etc.) In addition to setting up and tearing down church functions, YOUR talents, trade and spiritual gifts will be used to bless the church and community members as the Lord leads.


  1. Attend LWCF faithfully, we require those involved in the ministry to regularly attend at least one of our weekly Bible Teachings taught by Pastor David Zamora
  2. Agree with the biblical doctrine and practices of LWCF
  3. Attend LWCF at least six months before being involved in the ministry
  4. In ministry, it is extremely important to have leadership and order, therefore, those in the ministry must have a biblical understanding of authority, and be teachable and flexible