Men’s Discipleship Home

Who we are

The Living Way Men’s Discipleship Home is a ministry of Living Way Fontana. It is a one year, live-in program designed to usher men through a process intended to instill a Christ-centered foundation for manhood and servant-leadership in the church of Christ. this foundation is based upon the Bible, God’s standard for mankind.

(see statement of faith for biblical church beliefs)

What we are NOT

  • a drug rehab
  • a halfway house
  • a homeless shelter
  • a day program
  • mental health therapy
  • an intervention group

What we offer

  • Mentorship of men who model the real benefits of a Biblical foundation for manhood.
  • The opportunity to develop the personal standards, discipline, and accountability that God desires His people to exercise
  • Life training in active service that sustains both the home and God’s church on a day-to-day basis


  • A personal relationship with Jesus Christ – specifically a commitment to follow and serve Him both as Lord and Savior
  • A sustained and verifiable period of living clean of illicit substances, and integrity before the Lord
  • A firm, one year commitment to submit to the direction, discipline and accountability standards set fourth by Living Way Fontana and the Men’s Home Discipleship program

Application Process

  • Personally contact program director, or church for information on how to set up an appointment for a screening interview
  • After interview, comply with all individual/specific instructions given as prerequisites for entering the program as a live-in resident
  • Read carefully, agree to a sign intake packet and contract
  • No one will be accepted into this program merely based upon a referral. It is your personal responsibility to do your due diligence in establishing contact and following up during the intake consideration process

How to contact program

Please call Men’s Discipleship Home Director Adolfo Ibarra @ (909) 681-2877

or contact the church office for any further inquiries @ (909) 823-4404